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Corporate libraries working group (email list and resources)

About this working group

The aim of the Corporate Librarian’s Group is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between NSW public librarians providing corporate library/reference services to council staff. The group is an online-only group. You are encouraged to join our email list in order to connect with other members.

To subscribe to the email list to discuss corporate libraries, please send an email to lglib-subscribe @ (removing spaces before sending)

Send a message to our email list:

Background: The NSW Local Government Corporate Librarians Group commenced meeting in the 1990s. Members represented a diverse range of corporate library services across NSW local government. Some members managed specialist corporate library collections and services, while other members provided corporate library services to council staff as part of general reference services. In recent years a number of physical corporate library collections have been closed or scaled back. With this change of focus from physical to online services there are many opportunities for information services librarians to support the work of local government staff and in doing so highlight the resources of the library and the skills of librarians. From encouraging council staff to become library members through to providing research support for projects. Minutes archive (incomplete).


Learn about corporate library services in local government

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