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Modules 1 to 6 of Ref-Ex (Reference excellence) are based on Ohio Reference Excellence. Permission was granted by the Ohio Library Council for the State Library of New South Wales, in partnership with New South Wales public libraries, to modify the content for New South Wales conditions.

ORE on the Web was created for web-based staff training in Ohio libraries. Ohio Reference Excellence on the Web was based on the ORE Manual, 2nd Edition, A Self-study Reference Course, developed by the Ohio Library Council's Reference and Information Services Division ORE Task Force. The ORE Manual was an adaptation of MORE: Minnesota Opportunities for Reference Excellence and CORE: California Opportunities for Reference Excellence. Thanks also to Colorado State Library, for content in module 13.

Work on Ref-ex has been done by the New South Wales Reference and Information Services Group (RISG). This is a group of New South Wales public library staff.

To see more work done by the New South Wales Reference and Information Services Group follow the links on their website. They use blogs, wikis, e-mail, forums, Flickr and Twitter to communicate.


Modules 7 and following, which have been developed and written by New South Wales public library staff are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.


If you have any questions about this wiki or the other work of RISG you can contact them by tweeting to @NSWRISG

Everyone is welcome to use Ref-ex to train library staff in reference work. You don't have to live or work in New South Wales to use this training tool.

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