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Ref-ex or Reference excellence is self paced reference and information services training. It is to help public library staff provide excellent reference and information service training without having to develop it library by library. Public library staff from across New South Wales have contributed to the development and maintenance of this training, especially the Reference and Information Services Working Group. You can view statistics of use of ref-ex.

Modules 1 to 6 are based on the Ohio Reference Excellence program. Permission was granted by the Ohio Library Council for the State Library of New South Wales, in partnership with New South Wales public libraries, to modify the content for New South Wales conditions. Thanks also to the Colorado State Library which was used in module 13.

Modules 7 and following are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

The New South Wales Reference and Information Services Group is a state wide group of public library staff who work in reference and information services. For communication we use a wiki, an e-mail list, a blog for news and discussion.

There are Local Studies and Readers Advisory working groups. The Local Studies working group uses an e-mail list for communication. The Readers Advisory group uses an e-mail list, a blog, and a wiki to share resources and work collaboratively.

As well as the specific local studies and readers advisory e-mail lists, relevant information is also posted on the reference e-mail list.

This training is designed for New South Wales public library staff. Other people are welcome to use this site as well. Please provide feedback so we can continue to improve this training.

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